Top 5 Things to Pick up from Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter? by Jennifer Dulski

Imagine, its Monday evening and after the first grueling, boring day at work, in a semi pissed off state you go to this Hyper retail store to buy some eggs for your quick sad little dinner.

Walking through the maze of aisles of products, you reach your destination. Had it been a normal day, You would have bowed down to the almighty product rack and picked up your Organic Free range eggs like always (assuming your store chain earns less from free range stuff, hence its not kept at eye level)

But today, its The Monday …. And you are Semi pissed off after all, And this subjugation adds the final push, therefore you …

Now as crazy, stupid as this hypothetical situation may sound, if you just be patient enough to put your self into it and ask, what would you do here ?–

Would you just, mumble begrudgingly and take your eggs and go stand in queue to pay

Or would you be crazy enough to start a movement to have your Eggs on top of the aisle at eye level so that many others like you, do not have to bow down in front of this food dispensing totem of modern world

I think, if you choose the later, the book is perfect for you, that is you decide whether to Manage the situation or Change it.

If you are still here, and you are interested, then i would like to give you a mild spoilers warning as i will now try to Listi-size this 272 page dissertation into just 5 points from my understanding. if you want to go ahead

Summarizing the Book in 5 Points as follows :-

  1. Your Business or Movement should have a Very strong Purpose -People are attracted to strong purpose, because it validates their reason of existence when they become a part of it. Hence they share it without any paid impetus from you, aka the Business owner
  2. Every one can start a movement or a Business, The Block is in our mind – The First road block is us. It is us who shows ourselves multiple failure scenarios which stops us from challenging the status quo
  3. Having a Well defined narrative – for whats going to happen when the Purpose is met – like how my life is going to be all unicorns and rainbow once I buy your Idea of movement/ your product. A story which your audience can relate to
  4. Engage Thy Customers, Form a Bond with them – Take them on a Personal Growth Journey along with purpose, turning them into your Advocate.
  5. And then there were Trolls – Let them Be. You will always face Criticism and it is not bad as there will always be people who will contradict your point of view. if they are constructive, they can be utilized to further refine the idea but when it come to the empty ones, let them be because you are answerable to your customers, not to the trolls

There it is, my top 5 observation from this nice book which was worth reading. Please let me know via comments or you can mail me as well on what you feel about this bit of theorizing, or you can be a part of my tribe and sign up for my news letters to get updates on when my next piece comes up.

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