4 Ways Facebook Can Kill Your Imagination

Hey!, if you are here from Facebook, then you must think this is hypocrisy to its maximum. 

But given the reach of this social media behemoth, there is a high probability of you being here from said source. 

Hence, I will ask you to pause for a minute and contemplate, How much time are you spending on Facebook? or any other social platforms that the only way left for me to reach you is via it.

Now coming back to the moot point, how can this benign platform rob you of something precious like imagination, which make us quintessentially human.

Step 1: – It Satiates You with Junk Information
My question to you is, will you EVER make that 5 Minute Mug Cake? or That Cradle or Stuff in a Zillion years ever. So why watch it and give it your valuable attention span satiating your mind from its pangs of intellectual hunger. 

It is this academic hunger that has helped us move from a cave with a spear to a hyper format grocery store with a cart, though, personally, the first situation is way more healthy in a certain context but it’s a separate topic of discussion.

Step 2:It is Addictive
Ever heard of hormesis? As per Wikipedia, it is “a favorable biological response to low exposures to toxins and other stressors”, means your body Grows and evolves under controlled exposure to stress. Same Happens with your mind.

When your mind faces and emotional or intellectual stress, it can do two things.
It can solve it, AKA the right way of doing things or it can go for the easy route, ask for that addition; AKA “Let me check my feed, what is new out there?”

Step 3: – It is Information Not Knowledge
All knowledge is information but Not All information is Knowledge. The information you are getting from the feed is rarely aiding you to solve any of your life problems. It rarely leads to any spark of new ideas, AKA growth in your mind.

This stream of sterile, cardboard like information, which does not lead to any germination, is having same effect to your mind as any fluffed up false food would do to your body.

Step 4:It makes us Docile and Diplomatically Correct
Being over exposed to Facebook and the reaction of our circle on different posts makes us subconsciously afraid of being judged. Facebook and to a certain extent, all social medium is absolutist. 

But Facebook is extreme as you are bombarded by “likes, love, angry” reactions to a set of ideas; you adhere to an invisible set norm of thinking.

You are afraid of making and expressing your own observations, draw your own inference lest they go slightly against the grain set by your circle’s absolutist idea of righteousness.

They made Facebook to connect us all together, and it is an excellent tool, but it is just a tool. it is not a knowledge hub, neither it is a set standard that you need to conform to.

We evolved because we as a species did not conform to the standard to climb up trees and tearing bananas with feet. We questioned and thought about it.

What do YOU think about Facebook or the whole social phenomena. Please commitment and share about it.

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2 responses to “4 Ways Facebook Can Kill Your Imagination”

  1. Ankita chowdhury avatar
    Ankita chowdhury

    The whole idea of social media is taken too seriously nowadays. People literally check who likes their posts, who doesn’t, who’s commenting what and then social media bashing done by the netizens through their trolls. People are getting badly affected by this. I have come across certain people going through depression because of this. A certain friend of mine actually demands us to write a long post dedicating to him on FB on his every birthday. Some friends also question me why didn’t I post a certain pic and didn’t tag him. What I mean to say is the urban class of society is living in a very unrealistic world and there’s a lot of pressure to be a cool kid who also wants to be a social media star. We are missing out the human-to-human connect in this rat race of counting views, likes and shares.

    Another very depressing picture is people present at a certain party clicking pictures together enjoying are constantly busy in posting them on FB/Insta. Trust me I have seen this, there is no conversation between them, they probably don’t know each other well but are only concerned about showing off to the world what a great life they are leading. Probably, if there was no alcohol and phones these bunch of people wouldn’t have met each other. Why can’t we just sit and chat?


    1. That is the whole idea, Creating a Bubble, Staying inside the bubble and Sell the Bubble, its sad and regressive.


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