If you ask “Why Life is So Boring” then, Congrats! You Might be on the Cusp of Something

If you ask “Why Life is So Boring” then, Congrats! You Might be on the Cusp of Something

The Title may seem a bit of an oxymoron on a first glance basis, so I would request you to ponder a bit.

Think of any random day, between work or doing anything your favourite trifecta of friends the YouTube or The Twitter or The Facebook, lures you in and You swipe information after information (in different format), like stuffing your face with junk food till the pangs of the “work” you were doing comes back haunting and you grudgingly go back doing whatever Shit you were doing.

Let us ask ourselves, Why Did We go to our Holy trifecta of Friends on the first hand, from where comes the necessity?

You will say, Distraction, I will say No. The Distraction is just a “mean” to Grab your attention and You give away your “Attention” because it is Stressful to get bored.

Getting Bored, means You must Come Up with something to feed your mind.

it is way easier to feed your mind with How to may a five-minute cake from Digestive crackers and chocolate bars which you will never going to try

When was the last time you came up with a great idea? Did it hit you when you were reading Twitter or group texting some friends? Or maybe that genius thought struck you during a two-hour session of YouTube binge-watching?

In fact, our brains need boredom to get truly creative.

I am not against technology. I will not ask you to un-plug and throw your phone away and shave your head and start meditating.

Technology which sprouted from Science is the greatest enabler, it has helped us to fight diseases, span the world and now enables us to think of colonization of other planets.

BUT we must use this incredible tool correctly, otherwise it will not serve us.

It’s like blaming the oven for burning your pudding, where it was you who kept it in for long without checking it in requisite time.

I try (not that I am successful, I fail most of the time, but I try) to remind myself of the following three things while rummaging through net and dragging myself through menial days of same old work stuff and ideocracy. (insert your favourite Eye Roll Emojis multiple times)

  1. Technology offers great convenience – but this convenience comes at a price.
  2. Our attention is valuable, and businesses put lot of effort and resources toward capturing it. Ironically, it is Us who does not value our own attention
  3. Be mindful of what information we are consuming, where and when and how it adds value to us if any

From my multiple failures, I can vouch, that once you start asking above questions, you will start to get bored very often.

That will not solve your life problems but will push you to start thinking which the root cause of us is being different than any primate or mammals on this piece of rock.

Please comment and share how was your experience of pushing yourselves to get bored and what did it transpire to ?


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