Modern day Monks – Emergence of a New Generation shunning Extrovert Social Media

Imagine its 3 am, and you are standing in front of a Forest. You Hear nothing, not even an insect, as if the night has enveloped everything with a canopy of eerie silence, nothing stirs, completely Dead.

But that does not mean, it is true. Life is in every corner, some hiding, some lurking.

Present Day internet is some what turning into a similar state and its leading to a new generation of users who are “hiding” or choosing to abstain from the “predators” or to correctly put, the Loud, the Extroverts, and the populists.

In the response to all the Trolling, Tracking and Advertising we, who grew up with the “net” are retreating to our own individual complexes – our own neat little dark forest where we feel secure, where we can be our real selves.

Where we don’t require to be politically correct and weigh every word or we will be judged by the Absolutist standards of populism.

The IRC channels were a part of Net biosphere from its very genesis. But it is now that we see the of this protocell becoming main stream in different avatars.

Podcast, Newsletters, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat, Invitation only Message Boards, Private InstaGram with our Dear old market place FaceBook regressing to around groups again

This Modern Day, first World citizen is “done” with all and now wants to go back in recluse, just like a monk, into all spaces where conversion can be had without getting indexed or optimized.

The 90’s idealism of a Democratic Internet is Over. Today it is a battle ground of Viewability and Buzz with many “Sub Nets” with their Own universe. The Numbers keeps on growing, so does our own individual dark forests.

And like All, we choose the path of Least resistance, aka, we choose communication channels which are limited within our circle, in the comfort of the security it provides, forgoing the high risk and high reward ratio of the mass channels.

Now you may ask, where is the Problem with this phenomenon? is it not good, that we are finally moving away from the constant junk food like addiction of these mass channels and Media?

Here lies the reason of this bit of meandering “Theorisation”, justifying the name of the Blog: –

it is of course leading to a personal wellness. All these contemplations and thought etc. is very good for personal growth but a side effect sticks out like a sore thumb.

This slow tectonic detachment of rational thoughts from main stream Facebook and Twitter etc. will compound over time leading to an imbalance.

Because, in an emerging economy like India, where Internet is still 30% of Population, the national leaders first chooses to react on twitter which proves the influence of these platforms.

And Shunning of These platforms for selfish well being will ensure that the Modern Monks of first world will have no influence left in the world they still live in.

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