10 Quick Tips to Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

Power of Social Media - Dwaipayan.com

Power of Social Media - Dwaipayan.com

Social media marketing has now become a very important part of internet marketing and promotions. Thousands of companies are able to attract a lot of customers with the power of social media marketing, though popular networking websites like FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you have still not started promoting your business through social networks, then you will be giving more room to your competitors to eat into your market share. In this post we shall look at some of the best new trends in social media marketing for promoting your business effectively.

1) Add follow buttons of your social networking profiles to your websites:

In order to get more and more exposure for your business online, you will need to make it easy for people to keep in touch with the developments that are taking place on your end. By adding the follow buttons of your social media networking profile on your website, you will make it possible for your website traffic keep in touch with all new information related to your products or services.

Whenever you add new information on your social media and networking accounts, they will receive the alerts on their end. This works more like an opt-in marketing technique, because people are readily willing to receive new information from you.

Since this awesome marketing resource is readily available for free, there is no reason why you should not follow this practice. Over a period of time, your business will have a far greater reach with your prospective and existing customers. You can always keep them engaged by using the latest trends in social media marketing.

2) Add social sharing buttons on your web pages:

If you are planning to get a better outreach to attract more and more customers, then there are many ways to use the latest trends in social media marketing to maximize your business presence in various different ways.

If you don’t have the buttons to share your important web pages on social networking sites, then you are basically losing out on the opportunities that can help your business gain better awareness and that too for free.

If your website has compelling content, which will help in letting your prospective customers know about how your business can best serve their needs, and also add value to them in the long run, then it becomes imperative for you to allow them to share such information. By having the social media networking buttons to follow your web pages, your business will definitely benefit with recommendations from your own website traffic. Your onetime efforts will keep yielding results in the long run. Such is the power of social media marketing.

Note: Please be reminded that it is better to add follow buttons or sharing buttons at the time of designing your web pages. Basically they are simple HTML codes that will have to be added on your web pages. If you are hiring third party web designing companies, make sure that they include these features on your web pages. On CMS based websites or blogs like WordPress, it is much simpler to add the buttons, and you can do it all by yourself, without any coding skills.

3) Integrate email marketing with social media:

You might already be sending business the emails or newsletters to your potential and existing customers. Now, by adding the social buttons on your emails, you will be making it much easier for your recipients to share that email information with others. It will help you harness better sales with the power of social media marketing.

It is also one of the best practices used in email marketing these days, because you get a far better outreach, rather than from just the email database that you have. Most importantly, you will not have to spend extra time or money to initiate such actions from your email recipients. If your emails have compelling or useful information, then you can enjoy the viral exposure of your business across various social networking websites.

There are many HTML converters that you can use for free to set up your HTML emails. You can get the best value or zen of social media marketing results, by expediting the entire process with bulk mailing autoreponder software.

4) Use embeddable Tweets creatively:

Twitter provides you with a great feature of embedding your Tweets on your websites. This feature works almost like share buttons, but in the reverse direction. By embedding your popular Tweets, you can bring about more engagements with your traffic, right on your website itself.

However, you will need to be creative while making your Tweets, in order to arouse the interests from your readers. You can use this feature for highlighting the information that could also compel others to do business with your company. This embedding feature is also a nice way for you to showcase or share genuine customer testimonials from your Twitter account.

5) Use FB Social Plugins:

There are various different social plugins that are being offered by FaceBook. In addition to follow and share butons, there are many other plugins which can help you in adding the proofs of your online social presence on your own website. You will need to explore the list of Plugins that they offer, and use the right ones that can help you in attracting more leads or customers.

For example you can add the like buttons directly on your website, which will encourage and make it possible for the readers to keep in touch with your regular updates. However, you will need to make sure that the updates that you provide to your readers are fresh and interesting.

Don’t try to oversell, or use only the hardcore marketing pitch too frequently. Your readers will just get bored and decide not to follow your updates anymore. You should rather try to use the power of social media marketing for building long-term relationships, which is by adding value to your potential customers.

6) Encourage your existing customers to participate:

The basic idea behind using social media marketing is to spread information through networks rather than through individuals. Now if your customer is a part of your network, they are also parts of other networks too.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you were able to send across your business information to those networks as well?

You can request your existing customers to support your brand by sharing your business information on their accounts. When they share information on their networks, your message will travel rapidly across multiple networks.

Firstly you will need to inform your existing customers about your business presence on social networking websites, and have them add you or join your group. The power of social media marketing is such that, when they join your group, many people in their networks will be able to see it.

Furthermore, if you manage to have them share your information, it will work more like a word of mouth recommendation, which will market your business remarkably faster.

7) Engage before selling:

Most internet marketers fail to convert their leads into customers, because they try to push their customers too hard to buy from them immediately, instead of engaging further with them. Well, maybe 20% of your readers might be willing to make immediate purchases on your website, but more than 50% of your prospects will need a little more reassurances from you.

For best social media marketing results, you will need to provide them with a good mix of contents that not only ask them to buy from you immediately, but also the ones that keep them interested.

Of course, you can use the sales closing techniques on them, provided that you do it in the moderate levels. In the meantime, you could also publish other interesting information about your special offers. They will certainly decide to do business with your company if they feel completely at ease while communicating with you through social networking websites.

8) Social media intelligence:

You cannot expect to make sales to your customers with the same sales pitch over and over again. Therefore, you will need to identify the strategies that are working well, and the ones that are not. You will also need to train your sales executives to identify the cues that can aid them in closing the sales faster.

With proper brainstorming sessions with your sales team, you will be able to eliminate the parts of your marketing content that are not proving to be effective. At the same time, you will also need to strengthen the areas that are able to communicate and reciprocate better with your readers. You can retain only the best social media marketing techniques that work best for your business.

9) Using multimedia:

Companies are able to attract attention from their prospective clients or customers by using various multimedia elements like videos and images. Such visual contents tend to stay for a longer time in the minds of the viewers. With a bit of creativity, you use such new trends in social media marketing to improve sales. You can stream live videos that can help your customers in understanding how exactly you aim to add value to their needs.

10) Monitoring the trending hashtags:

By using the Hashtags, you can search for the new trends in social media marketing. You will need to monitor the hashtags to identify the trends that are related to your business. By making such connections, you will be able to spread your information across many new users, and gain better visibility for your business. However, you will need to ensure that there is some kind of relevancy with the Hashtags that you choose for promoting your business.

Timing is very importantly if you want to derive the best results with the power of social media marketing.

Let me know what do you think? If I have left anything out.

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  1. I would say monitoring hashtag is most important because it will help to target the right keywords. These are the nice tips.


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