How Moz made $1 Million with One Landing Page & A Few Emails

Million in revenue - Dwaipayan.comI always find myself coming back to this case study for one simple reason: If you want to sell more stuff, you have to find out what’s working for your paying customers—and find out what’s holding your non-paying customers back.

In this study, Conversion Rate Experts started by interviewing Moz’s paying customers, free-trial customers, and former customers.

The Research

They asked paying members what they liked most & how they would describe Moz to a friend.

They asked free-trial members what it would take for them to sign up for the service, what they liked the most, and how they spent their time on SEO.

They asked members who canceled, “Why? And what would bring you back?”

They also found that Rand, Moz’s founder, could energetically sell the service face to face, but his enthusiasm and detail didn’t translate over to the website’s communication very well.

The Execution

Conversion Rate Experts infused their findings into several new wireframes for the page, and asked Moz’s Twitter followers to participate in usability tests.

After reaching statistical significance on low-cost wireframes, a new page was created and resulted in nearly 52% increase in sales to the Moz Pro solution.

After, they emailed free trial subscribers offering a full-featured membership for just $1.

When about 500 members asked “What’s the catch?”, they followed up with an email the next day assuring users there were no gimmicks.

For the users who took advantage of the $1 full-featured trial, they received a series auto-responder emails to help them get the most out of their new membership.

In the end, Moz added an additional $1 Million dollars to their yearly revenue.

What I figured:

Assume nothing – Talk to customers, prospects, and former customers to get their perspective on what you’re doing and how you could do it better.

Test Everything – Moz only launched a live page after it was user tested.

Say everything that needs to be said – We tend to oversimplify our messaging, but that can lead to us leaving out vital details for key decision makers. Make it as easy as possible to become a customer.

Read The Full Case Study Here:

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