Making Copy Action Oriented Causes 93% More People to Click “Add to Cart”


Now that you have your website/product online and you have your Ads running too, to get targeted traffic to your website, its high time that you make sure that your paid visitor actually “PAYS” you that is they buys your product aka gets converted. In this series I will discuss a few Awesome conversion optimization ideas curated from all over the net that has actually worked for me.

L’Axelle wanted to get more people to click on their add to cart button.

This was their original homepage:


This was the test:


L’Axelle describes the original copy as being comfort oriented. They sell on the basis of people feeling relieved and relaxed.

The test copy is action oriented. It is about solving a problem.

The action oriented headline and copy earned a 38.3% conversion rate, 93% better than the original.

Key Findings:

-”Put an end to sweat marks” is action oriented and assures some relief for customers.

– Adding the word “end” makes it sound like they won’t get sweat marks ever again. If the headline read “Reduce Sweat Marks,” the copy might not have performed well.

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