What works best: PPC or SEO?


It all depends.  What are your goals, budget & timeline?

SEO Pros & Cons:

  • SEO often cost less than PPC (if you are using an agency) as there is no ad spend
  • SEO is a long term strategy, don’t expect rapid gains
  • SEO can be less volatile then PPC
  • SEO can provide more long term value

SEO (done right) is about making your site is findable, navigable and readable. You want to ensure that the people looking (aka searching) for your site, content or service will find you. Getting to that point is incredibly important and can help in all aspects of your business.
PPC Pros & Cons:

  • PPC can provide rapid short term gains
  • PPC is often much more expensive due to CPC costs
  • CPC costs continue to increase as more advertisers become involved
  • PPC can provide much more focused and targeted results

I would suggest using PPC to find SEO opportunities. And there is also some solid evidence that using them together creates positive synergy.

PPC can be very seductive because you can see quick results and measure them in detail. The ROI is super easy to calculate. But the Google Tax continues to rise and competition will come, and if you’re relying on PPC too heavily you could find yourself in a difficult situation. Don’t be that frog in the boiling pot.


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