how to get more traffic to your website for free

the lean startup summary

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The most Asked question of all is how to get more traffic to your website free. Every Internet based business need visitors. If you are only depending on Paid traffic, you won’t be able to scale up, unless you have a Very deep pocket. So Free Organic traffic is Very much essential. The Methods that I am going to explain are age old, they were here from the beginning, and they will stay.

  1. Social Media – Best place to generate Buzz about your Brand is Social Media. You get direct feedback from users and if your brand has a certain amount of Authority, this buzz will get translated into sales too.
    1.  Try Creating how to videos around your Niche in Youtube
    2. Is Facebook or Is it LinkedIn for you, Depends on the Genre of your Business
    3. Twitter is Very good for keeping tab on your present customer base.
  2. Write a guest blog, Get your product, site reviewed on a Theme related, Influence site.
  3. Use Proper SEO, no Spam, just natural SEO and let your content do the rest.
  4. Stick to the plan, Do not try to do it ALL IN ONE DAY, its not possible. You have to stick to it diligently and within couple of months you will start to see the benefits.

These are rehashed methods which are in essence same as it was before Google’s ZOO updates, and they will stay, because in the end Google is offering good content to its Leads, and if you have that, You Will get traffic.



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