How will you compete with giants and Advertise your Small Business?

Small Biz -

You will find a Long list of to-do’s in many online journal, blogs out there….. After reading them you do you get the feel that you already know about these….and you are actually trying all of these… a little here and a little there…

You will be astonished to hear that…the reason that your small biz isn’t picking up or is not growing to the next step might be due to this DIY approach plus doing everything in some portion….and not perfecting those which might be vital or your SMB’s survival

  1. First you need to assess what you sell…. Yes….might sound dumb…. but you really need to do it…fining out the guys who are making a killing from your niche is a necessity… or if you are too unique…. How are people reacting to it…? I mean your present customers.
  2. Your target Audience… that is to whom you will sell. This includes the place where you intend to sell… with age, sex of your target customers…. Any information that make your product stand apart to a specific group of the multitude…will help.​

Now armed with these information… you will have to hart out a viable marketing plan. You will have to run a SEO, SMM and PPC campaigns all simultaneously interlinked with each other so that you derive the max ROI from your marketing dollars. Now in some cases… one of the three might not be necessary but that depends on the product and target audience, any good digital marketing expert will be able to judge where to use what.

The real challenge in SMB advertising is that the Marketing dollars are limited with a very narrow margin and we need a very sharp focus on success… but from a marketer’s point of view… getting ROI from an Advertising Campaign for Small business is much more gratifying than doing it for a Fortune 500, because they have this huge buying power which most of the times supersedes a crappy campaign management or baseless idea.


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